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The ancient Nooks live a peaceful and retiring life at Bygone Farm, deep within Nookhundred Forest, in a land called Pellapasana.


One night a mysterious little creature turns up on the farm. Pa and Ma Nook find him inside a goatskin bag, with a message in his hand and a funny hat on his head. At the top of this hat is a ring of strange seeds, The Nooks discover that the little creature’s big toe is innermost and his little toe outermost, so he must be from a fareaway country. The only thing hu has in common with them is the snow fur on the soles of his feet. The Nooks adopt him and call him Nookling.


They cannot know that Nookling will later save the country from a great misfortune.


One day the Nooks receive a visit from good King Goldenbristle of the royal house of Reality. He is carrying a charmed golden egg. Inside the golden egg is his daughter, Princess Fryvil. The Kung asks the Nooks to hide the golden egg. The wicked Earthcreeper, Iskall, put Fryvil into an egg because she has magic powers: she can bring things to life. King Goldebristle is in despair and doesn’t know how to get Fryvil out of the golden egg. The Nooks promise to look after it and hide the egg in a nest under the storehouse steps.


The orphaned mountain witch, Isiz, is the only one who knows the formula that can break the magic spell. Even though she’s only seven she’s made up her mind to revenge her father Iskall, who died in battle with King Goldenbristle. With the help of a net Isiz has knotted from her own hair she will Fryvil.


At the same time Nookling is getting a visit from Forest Bear – the royal messenger. Forest Bear says that Isiz is hunting for the golden egg so that she can destroy it, and that the King and Queen have been frozen solid inside the palace – and are unable to stop her. Nookling is given the task of journeying through the hole to Reality and bringing back two children. The children must use their imaginations to thaw out the palace and give the King and Queen the message that Princess Fryvil is in danger. Before Forest Bear leaves, he gives Nookling three things: a bag of disappearing dust, a jar of fairy tale air and a scarf that can conjure up the most powerful of winds.


When Isiz comes rushing up to Bygone Farm, Nookling sprinkles disappearing dust in her eyes so that she won’t discover the Nooks and the golden egg. But Nookling’s plans don’t always work, and the only things that turn invisible now are himself and the golden egg…. Isiz captures the other Nooks, and forces them to divulge where the golden egg is hidden.


Nookling manages to get to Reality. He pops out of the computer screen in the bedroom of Carl and Thea, who are seven and eight years old respectively. Once they breathe in the fairy tale air they shrink in a trice. They accompany Nookling back to Pellapasana, where they thaw out the King and Queen. On their way back they are ambushed by a furious Isiz, who catches them in her net.


Isiz takes the children with her to Bygone Farm, there to render them dowm into extract; an extract that is an antidote to disappearing dust. Then she’ll be able to find the golden egg! Just as Isiz is lighting the fire under her cauldron, King Goldenbristle comes to the rescue. Isiz tries to attack him but Nookling waves his scarf, conjures up the winds and blows her away. Isiz vanishes down the Hole of Reality, taking the magic formula with her. Nookling realises he’s made a terrible mistake. Now they’ll never get Princess Fryvil out of the egg!


Racked with grief, Nookling sees the golden egg rolling towards him. Carefully, he lifts it up and gently kisses the egg, before handing it to the King. At that moment the egg cracks and beautiful Princess Fryvil stands before him. The kiss was the magic formula. Love was the key! Princess Fryvil returns Nookling’s kiss, and before Nookling knows what’s happening, a golden crown sprouts up from his funny hat. A royal crown? 


And they all lived happily ever after…..

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